lost dog w/ bad heart (reward for safe return)

Wet dogs, fraying coats

Bags for Life in arms

Lurking, observing, remotely sociable

Breathing convo snippets

Improv. wake-dream recordings


The gap between the piers is our slo-mo dragstrip

The gap between our peers is a source of trembling dark room wall punching

We cover distance because a distance covered is something


Desire, violence and segregated arguments ripple

Fossicking for piss-soaked insight

Our brains resemble cobwebs hanging on a hefty wooden door

(unopened since some distant war)


We know all the football scores

on any given weekend

We know sex, politics and black eyes

We never attract attention

We have aching muscles and dark calloused…



We fit in because we’re there

Always there


We count rapid triplets over nostalgic railway chka-chka-chka-chka

We see a dominant chord in the chaos mesh of tannoy traffic screaming infant idiot blahblah SHUTUP!

We see a dominant chord in thrust, flux and life


Without wet dogs your world falls away

Give in ginless prick

Ride the crazy bus all the way for kicks

Stay on, get off, Whitehawk!

High five! Nosepunch! Vienetta!

Give me groceries or give me more

Illuminate yr trappings


I ridicule myself and live in nothing

You have a shoebox full of dust


So alarm yr pulse

throw me sideways glances

Allow me that


Jettison fabrications

Burn the shoebox


Cos in my crazy wetdog head

I have glittery eyed epiphanous nervousness

I hear dominant chord railway line triplet music

I carry wisps

of a joyous

inhale / exhale

spunk / death

soul – solder

carrier bag collection