There is something that I am looking for

There is something that I am looking for

And it is Tao, Zen, God and Dada

It is the revolution of everyday life

It is nothing nothing nothing nothing

It is walking out of a London pub in the daytime and lighting a cigarette

It is the opening notes of Blue Train on a hungover Sunday morning

It is doing yr housemate’s washing up, savouring the process and expecting no thanks

It is drizzle on yr neck as the sun rises over Brighton beach

It is Surya Namaskara executed clumsily

It is dancing to Bowie with yr fists in the air

It is an unnoticed moment on the football terrace

It is the open E string on a bass guitar

More than anything else it is knowing that you could fuckfuckfuck but not needing to

Because sometimes falling asleep holding hands with yr best friend is all you actually need

There is something that I am looking for

And Cage would say you can find it by chance

(perhaps that helps for some people)

It helped a little for me

You can find a reflection of it on MDMA

Which I certainly recommend

Providing you don’t get sucked in

Providing you see the reflection for what it is

There is something that I am looking for

And some people drive themselves to death looking for it

Some people drive themselves to insanity looking for it

Some people wade through guts and terror looking for it

I looked so hard I had paranoid delusions and mad hallucinations

I looked so hard I didn’t sleep or eat for five days

I wiped my brain like a dandelion blown

I smashed reality out of the park

And then I stopped looking

If you look you’ll only ever find the reflection

I stopped looking, really I did

And then I promise I found it

You can find it too