I can get high and type any old shit and

people on WordPress from America will like it

because i’m crazy and the internet exists

but alas, i’m poor and its a very confusing world


Untitled #2

I have a lazy duplicate insignia

which represents mountains

versus travel back trout

I will demand crowd hooping

and task father cross cripple

the king was angry and

this created conflict

curmudgeonly bastion

of veracity

give me strength

Jebel Toubkal

we climbed the highest mountain in north africa

at times it felt like we’d never do it

but we made it, we fucking made it

no one can take that away from us


now i’m in an MRI scanner

feeling anxious and panicky

trying to visualise those

Atlas mountain vistas


we went under subservient value with added aquatic tinge

it was directionless and vaguely disseminating

we walked through night owl bargain section

(the version being solemn with rectitude)

baybay, beebee, babe, uh, baby

their lineup consists of ideas

instrumentation gorge defeat

crass wonder crisp disaster

francophile duck pond

closely related to the dirge

when it winter vibraphone

flowering stem crank shaft shafted

you had my lip balm now

pale brown eyebrow imitation

cooling off the jiggajagga under furnace

fun fundamental fallow fuck floor

insect pests, viruses and fungals

groove visible to the trained salesman

under the deviation it was dancing

cultivated in bespoke quintets of banana

a convenient mounting time trial

cross braced to deliver waters

they sang like underdeveloped land

and deficit like slurry into an 8 second drop

a canned repetition didn’t glow well

the thick walls across feathers and silk

it was not a gangly old confusion

you are unqualified to do basic stuff

dedicated to the canned pork

its acceptability as a food was

broken window pain in the hall

like the time trapeze men fell down

to the stripclub like massive insectoids

“cut into sections” (booming townie)

given a trim by a buckfast designer lounge

where we all didn’t do the things we’d talked about

“cut into sections” before you learn

with hammerhead indignant rage

it becomes crumble like uh ummmm death

cos its always trapped with the basket

fionallia gahh bragggaahhh

reception desk was empty

car sandals on yr judgement

without falling into the koala volcano


assad on a dissociation train

depressed and/or shambala rodeo

blinking tonic streetwalk

amplify yr lonely crazy

and on a depleted shuffle grundon

yr come down crazy amplify

alienated gang signs (decontextualised)

an expression of mule-like despair


making basic concessions to the norms

and conventions whilst reaching towards

ever more abstract purities

(a fucking politician’s trick)

“artists” – underground circlejerking

and the exchange of yuck yuck sophistries

vommed out all phlegmy but with references

to Eris and Erik Satie