there was a collection of eyebrows in the timber yard

bamboo smokepipe stoving in the head of darkness

you greeted them as if they were crawling through drains

and the cheek was darkened by awkward flailings



I wrote a poem and published it on the internet

you asked me if it was about you and I said yes

because I didn’t have the heart to tell you the truth

(it was about a homeless man that I met on St James street)

social smoker

Some people smoke when they are drinking with friends

I smoke so I have an excuse to leave the room and stand

outside on my own for five minutes thinking about god

thinking about nothingness, thinking about death


I was drinking coffee

with a bipolar oddball

who believed that

climate change was

caused by homosexuality

I fantasised about fucking him

while quoting academic texts

at the top of my voice


military side quest filching the bamboozled guest

out of a terrific bubbling green sea of coffee

I was trapped doing stiff necked blah blah

in a warehouse full of pilled up autists

drunken slut roulette

a game of chance

save me somebody

somebody save me