ART #2

None of the art felt real, any flab with nipple worked

art was just some of the things that happened

In any given situation the art is bolted to the nipple of tradition

it could be described as some of the things that people do to pass the time


ART #1

I was interested in the art of this

this is not about writing things down

on a page or anything derivative of that

this is about an idea ok?

we should be the thing we wish to say

and we should say the thing we wish to be


1. Nightmare locations

the nightmare tower block, the nightmare hotel, the nightmare country mansion, the nightmare roundabout, the nightmare intersection.

2. Nightmare scenarios

I am always trying to get to something or away from something. There is urgency, I am in a desparate hurry. I feel like I am searching for something precious or important. I am being pursued by evil forces. I am perpetually chased, from start to finish, there are no breaks. It never resolves.

In the nightmare tower block I walk through bleak uniform corridors and I am repeatedly opening doors to reveal more identical corridors filled with more identical doors.

It is unsettling and unfriendly and it never resolves.

In the nightmare hotel the scenario is exactly the same but there is carpet in place of concrete.

It is sterile and unfriendly and it never resolves.

In the nightmare country mansion I am traveling through the rooms opening doors, often lost and confused. Frequently I will open a door and unexpectedly find a room I was in recently. It is frustrating. The atmosphere feels like someone has died here recently or someone here is going to die soon. Living towards death. Working towards death. Planning towards death. The whole place feels like death, the rooms are poorly lit. The atmosphere of my surroundings is familiar but not in a good way. I keep opening doors and find myself lost or back where I started. It never resolves.

It never resolves

3. Conclusion

After this assessment a computer program will decide at random whether or not you will receive the nightmare help

After this nightmare a computer program will decide about the nothingness you receive in the form of nightmare help


In an inauthentic cultural environment insincerity is authenticity

or at least… you can say that with the external perception lacking

and yr bloodstream jumping as high as 72% conviction


The darkness that is all around sometimes

what is it?

(I feel fine right now)

Maybe the darkness is just one of those clever jokes that they write about in the books I half understand and feel I SHOULD read but don’t really want to

The darkness is my new attire and it fits badly so strangers point from afar

What the fuck is the darkness.

(I think I feel fine right now)

How am I?


One morning Mr Patel the milkman had been up all night playing poker

and he crashed the milkfloat into a world war one memorial.

The surrounding area was covered with soft green stuff, crumbling at the edges

Mosslike, a lawn or something. Contained decaying fountain. Provincial as fuck.

I watched the upturned milkfloat and Mr Patel’s wife running across the lawn barefoot screaming in foreign

It was the only moment of beauty I have ever witnessed

clever person conversation

ah… well at the end of the day mate its like sort of something like you know when you start to grow nostril hair and get a gut you look like giraffe disaster cos I hope you realise that i’m entitled to an opinion on whether or not yr a brittle twit and y’know I don’t wanna glorify yr puddle but you sure did piss for a long time


The platter was faded like an old saxophone

when the lid was removed I saw a dish

dish was a whole human penis

on a bed of bright orange sweet potato mash

There was a lot of blood

and it seemed like wacky red gravy


On Vietnam within us Eric was working and vice versa

what kind of performance was this warehouse?

Some kind of burlesque proxy reacting to well trodden characterisations

Vietnam working Eric waves to witnesses

innocent as blood wave over blood wave ripples atop

the crest of the cityscape