monetize yr blog

holy fuck will you please monetize yr blog

or just suck someone off already


we’ve seen white rappers monetize hate

for two solid generations and its morbid


twerking over the void

tacky banner, solemn selfie

twerking over the void

dangle something gently

twerking over the void

lifestyle and fashion collision

twerking over the void

precarious future in hospitality



I’m really good at sewing tears in my pants

but I don’t want to buy yr filthy books, no thankyou

I just want a bagel or some other dough snack

I just want some new tears to womb me like a cloud


you donated everything to science

“especially the eyes” you said

some people are squeamish about the eyes

but you said “especially the eyes”

especially those beautiful pale blue eyes

which could tell a thousand stories with one glance


yr just out of touch

one paradigm shift too much

the webcam crackles

visualising static

in yr pale blue eyes

my internet dies


no matter how much I want to

I cannot communicate with you

not any more

but I can try

the wretched man

the wretched man has visited me again

he haunts my mind like a shimmering shadow

his silhouette looms like a motorcycle gang

on a deserted nighttime A-road

incredible sounds fall from the sky

cameras in the branches

microphones in the clouds

death and suffering is always present in life

the visions come and go like the weather

and you become accustomed to the changes