email response


I the most persistent! I accurate and neat. Insatiable, strong, charming. Good. Banana! Cucumber! Find me unselfish! I like to have me give myself on this these guys. When I buy something new, I’d like to fuck. And today I will have a grand shopping and a chance for some lucky))) I am ready to fun with carrot. Can also gut a duck in under 5 mins and castrate lambs. Address your patient here! Hope to Speak with you soon.


‘like’ me

just scrolling downwards absent mindedly clicking ‘like’ next to things and I could do this forever cos y’know, what else is there? Then i think to myself ‘I should go outside’, then I get all panicky and think ‘maybe I should take my phone with me’

Prog Brain

I only need dissonance and sounds that look like rain and negative confirmation

so go easy on the questions kiddo, I did this all for you after all, even grew my hair!

what a div, what madness, run away, run away, brain like progressive rock, lobotomy

yr lips taste bitter and burned, what is wrong? The demons get under yr skin, but prayer…

I am not Damo Suzuki

I am not Damo Suzuki, I am wrapped in panic

we tore these clothes from the sky like orchids

and every hacked away sleeve means something


you watched us play and hell you even pretended to like it

but you were so mistaken and I’m sure you realise that now


charisma is just something I only ever think I have

when on cocaine but we all know what a lie that is

don’t pretend this isn’t about privilege, because it is


I went to the bench where you used to meet me

and I waited there in the rain for an hour but you never came

I wanted a sign; a flickering streetlamp, a shooting star

but there was nothing, why didn’t you meet me by that bench






I see pictures of you by accident in my Twitter feed

and that makes me feel really sad so I drink beer and

look out of the window wondering what the fucking fuck

cos somehow the driving drums don’t numb it anymore

and I realise that characteristics which at twenty made me seem exciting

and interesting now ten years later appear quite tragic and pathetic

I’m sorry but I’m no longer “a catch”

it is more depressing for me than it is for you


she died, yeah, she died, and even though we could see it coming we didn’t stop it so don’t give me yr well meaning crap cos we’re all liable and we must all carry the burden of her death forever