handclaps and heartbeats

you don’t need a melody

you don’t need a chord

you don’t even need

a musical instrument


heartbeats in syncopation

street walking on the off beat


all of us banging and stamping

and clapping and pulsating


we are made of music

the world outside is music

you just have to

make sure you listen



You know when yr on a train platform stood behind someone and this nagging thought enters yr brain – ‘push them!’

I have made it my vocation to write down and publish those thoughts. Consequently not very many people like me.

Ko Chang (vivez sans temps mort)

Almost this time last year

I was on a roof terrace in Bangkok

drinking beer and taking benzos

and thinking about killing myself

I was planning to go to Ko Chang

but I stayed up all night panicking

and I caught a direct BA flight home instead

Back to the rain and the drudgery

Because I was mad and thought I was in love

Back to ‘the fear’ and the nothingness


even if it makes you mad

or nearly fucking kills you

when yr in doubt

go to Ko Chang

NYE 2017 cut up

(composed using chance procedures and cut ups using texts produced in collaboration with Stu Chaney)

inbreds and roundabouts (and XTC)

daddy bug and all of the little bugs

i am frightened and paranoid

the biggest cunt of 2017 is…

an informer, pure and simple

trapped in the confines of jealousy

i am the most over rated person

legalise cannibis!

what is groove?

the essence of all music can be found in clapping

physical libraries are in decline

a band is only as good as its praxis


lost in the tundra, proclamation!

our response was naiive

commercialisation of societal norms

oh god… Phillipe Coutinho

lazy noughties revival imminent

punching Nazis? FINE!

such tribulations

‘a collection’ of jumpers

i called in on the request line

to dance to a jam but

i can’t move my body parts

everybody loves The Beatles, right?

“all the wine is all for me”

Its the second winter since you left this world and I still have images in my head (flashing through) of yr beautiful little body hanging limp from the rafters. Its a movie I can’t escape, we all know how it ends. I’ve learned the hard way that no amount of pills or wine or powder, no amount of pacing or racing or yoga, no amount of ANYTHING will make it seem ok or bring you back so I just lean back in my chair and inhale then exhale knowing eventually the panic will pass and some warped semblance of normality will return. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe, and return to existence. Existence (without you).