BBC session

my band did a live session on BBC 6 Music last night, You can hear it here…

skip to 30mins in to hear our session!


debut poetry zine

I am super nervous about doing this and it feels very self-indulgent but fuck it. I wanna publish a zine of my poetry and I can’t afford to do it cos I’m a student on disability benefits and have been declared unfit to work.

For the price of a pint you could help me achieve something I’ve wanted to do for years.

For 2 quid you get the zine incl. postage, for a fiver you get the zine, a letter/poetry written on my vintage typewriter and free entry to the launch party in Brighton. For 30 quid you get all of the above plus I’ll perform a set at yr party/event (UK only obvs unless yr gonna volunteer to pay my travel costs!) I read fast and loud, its punk.

Absolutely nothing expected but all donations hugely appreciated.


it was meaningless, performative, insincere and symbolic

like a protesters boot kicking a prostrate policeman in the head

repeatedly, over and over

blood gushing red and gungy

self-reflexivity and constant questioning, constant revolution

these concrete actions are the only way to make a change