“it puts the flu in perspective”

Too many people have died

Who didn’t need to die

Three now, if we’re counting

Three beautiful fractured souls


It doesn’t matter if we’ve met once

or many thousands of times

If you are reading this

I want you to know that…


I love you and care about you

and I do NOT want you to die


debut poetry zine

I am super nervous about doing this and it feels very self-indulgent but fuck it. I wanna publish a zine of my poetry and I can’t afford to do it cos I’m a student on disability benefits and have been declared unfit to work.

For the price of a pint you could help me achieve something I’ve wanted to do for years.

For 2 quid you get the zine incl. postage, for a fiver you get the zine, a letter/poetry written on my vintage typewriter and free entry to the launch party in Brighton. For 30 quid you get all of the above plus I’ll perform a set at yr party/event (UK only obvs unless yr gonna volunteer to pay my travel costs!) I read fast and loud, its punk.

Absolutely nothing expected but all donations hugely appreciated.



it was meaningless, performative, insincere and symbolic

like a protesters boot kicking a prostrate policeman in the head

repeatedly, over and over

blood gushing red and gungy

self-reflexivity and constant questioning, constant revolution

these concrete actions are the only way to make a change