we need to meet often to discuss public matters

modern mass society and a bourgeois public sphere


distinctions become blurred

where do I stand on this?


mass culture churns out standardised cultural goods

all this makes mass society docile and passive

the individual has no way to reply to this information

not subjects, passive – to be manipulated by culture


interconnected with the economy but conceptually distinct

there is a critical function at work occasionally, no doubt!


Act outwardly as if you are inwardly free

act inwardly as if you are outwardly free

the public sphere as false consciousness

distinct from material interests and ‘stuff’


there are social relations between free commodity owners

there is conformity for sure but there are critical functions


marketise public opinion

this spells the end of it

power is legitimated

by reason, yes reason


my family is but a cell

my workplace is a cell


telegraphing data

demonic culture


politicise the economy with Keynes

lifeworld is colonised by capitalism


positive lawmaking

separation of power


liberalism is a big stinking apology

for unfair hierarchy and elitism


universal public sphere!!!!!!

Not dominated by self-interest

w/ regards to property ownership

its a matter of Kantian conscience


don’t fuse duty and law

duty should be critique

technical planning elite

passive citizens and

regulation of capital

democratic culture


‘exchange’ contains the idea of equal exchange

there is a diminishing state power at play

when the public sphere has been colonised

how do you create a counter public sphere?


Cultural hegemony is everywhere

counter hegemony is everywhere


mediated disunity or mediated unity?

All people are intellectuals, really!


Virtuosity or luck?



cyclical evolution

not linear progress


unified mass

divide and rule


fuck off totalitarianism

develop an understanding

of the key forces at hand

the BBC, the queen, libraries


civil society, mediators and political society

come together in elitist london clubs

the historical bloc is sexy and drunk

force and consent are intertwined


deconstruct notions of power

(counter hegemony) / 666


these days hegemony is a hegemony

thats a real fucking problem


deconstruct notions of power

we don’t want power at all

we are AGAINST power

lets storm the winter palace

ha, i’m joking, but seriously

who are we supposed to attack?

Its all so subtle and complicated

Rocco and His Brothers…


Fuck the vanguard

Fuck social democracy

Fuck the party

They sell us out


if you want to stop capitalism

you must fight on many fronts


but to talk of capitalism is reductionistic

there are socialist elements here


family, civil society and the state

‘the philosophy of right’

individuals leave the state of nature

voluntarily to join civil society

spontaneous and unanimous

but did they really have a choice?


Hawks and Sparrows

Ashes of Gramsci

He loved ‘common sense’

He loved to disagree


‘common sense’ is consistent, always

No, ‘common sense’ is contradictory

we need to find ways to fray the weave

of this vast insidious hegemony


how should we be in society?

Lifeworld, communication

equivalent to a flawed conception

a radical imaginary rises out of it


eventually it comes down to this

there are buyers of labour power

and those who sell their labour power

and a tussle over the value of output


seize the repressive apparatus

(whatever the hell that is)

you’ll get into power maybe

but you definitely won’t stay there


Civil society is so very important

laying the groundwork for revolt

self-transformation very carefully

repressive power / productive power


where does power

come from???


language language



language language


is there a language

of domination?


can there be unequal exchanges

without language as a basis?


Reading is not

simply seeing

words, its more



signifier is broken

symbol is a lie

signified confusion

subject AND object


Ferdinand de Saussure knows

Saussure knows, he knows

manky semioticians

dancing through the hell


writing is ABOUT language

readable but… not… visible?

Make readable something

thats never been written


this author is fucking dead

this author is a fucking joke

text does not require context

in order to function normally


the object expects and plans

for its own destruction


impersonal does not necessarily

imply objective or neutral

can you be objectified

by a series of discourses?


If there is no centre

there is no beginning

and there is no end

where is the subject?


The object is simply

the sum of its parts

and presuppositions

that we bring to it


the hammer conceals its meaning in its use

we don’t explore its properties to understand it

we unthinkingly know everything we need

to know about the hammer and how to use it


when something stops functioning properly

it begins to reveal itself as an object


what the fuck is ‘thinking’?

I have no fucking idea…


not categorising

not conceptualising

divorced from words

what is ‘thinking’?


future orientated project

time is a manifestation of being

there is a metaphysical distinction

a final basis of allies and friendships


id, ego, super-ego

the whole gang

is here and

they wanna party


I see ruins

become it

the death

of life


what used to be necessary remains

there is surplus residual repression

its all about a time of scarcity

when we needed to be disciplined


there is nothing in this text

and there is nothing outside of it

so good luck trying to make sense

of my body of work, you cunt


natural materials

labour power

assets and liabilities

exchange and transformation


they soon take on

a different life


I am observing others

I am observing ‘things’

A political scandal

L’affaire Dreyfus


pervasive will to destruction

ambiguous notary complication


there is a deconstruction

of normative power relations

the concept of freedom requires

jails and suffering to be understood


unified subject

working class


in ‘The Party’


renounce all imperialism please

AGAINST political RE-presentation


industrialised proletariat

– workers’ army

agrarian peasantry

– guerilla army

post-industrial workers

– facebook campaigns

its just not good enough

we need to collectivise

we need to organise

we need to fight


sometimes you can take the safety wheels off

what exactly do YOU think about the world?



in satellite towns full of stodgy no-ones

we SETTLE in more ways than is obvious

Wetherspoon’s every Friday night

to puke and try to fuck and fight


(shacked up with a big normie

bailed on what you used to believe)