I want you to care but you don’t

I’m disinterested but yr obsessed

they say people will only love you

if you first love yrself

well I fucking hate myself

so how is that gonna work?

Self-criticism is my enemy

but I am a a mess of a human

I don’t think the world would be

better off without me, no way

I think that perhaps I would be

better off without the world though

absence, <3, fond

I was uncharacteristically chill about things even though it was going well or perhaps thats why it was going well. Anyway it was unusual, defence mechanisms or something. I started to wonder if I was capable of properly falling for someone ever again. Then you went to Minnesota for a week and something stirred. I started privately getting all paranoid and intense and weird. Thats when i realised everything was ok because it turns out I do really care about you babe.


I am not interested in the niceties

I am not interested in the bullshit

I am not interested in the games

I am not interested in hegemonically coded vistas of social interaction

I just want to say my piece…

let love rule

let us be open, direct and honest in our business

let trust enter the building

let us fuck in the streets

and let the streets never give a fuck

let us hammer drums and chant nonsense syllables

let us dine together

let us plot schemes speeding

let us dance

let us live

let spirituality be liberated from the shackles of institution

and let it be woven into the fabric of everyday life

let love rule


Dandelion blown, the pieces settle slowly and softly

I sift through the rubble and pick them up one by one

Rebuild the plant w/ Pritt Stick and good intentions

Leaving out the weak bits, aiming for a perfect fiction

then a pretty girl walked up to me and said

what kind of crazy bastard reconstructs a dandelion?

Let them rot or let them grow!”

I lit a cigarette and got on with the rest of my life