In a world where sickness, dysfunction, irrationality is so hegemonic it is blindly adhered to and celebrated, perhaps it is the freaks and the loonies who are the sane ones. The only rational reaction to this chaos is the absurd. Capitalism of concepts makes me laugh, the whole trick is so well executed. The elite have convinced us that the absurd is normal, so is it not possible that another kind of absurdity is the route to truth? It is time to reclaim absurdism as the new normality.



we can judge a society by examining the ways in which it is ‘well’ and the ways in which it is ‘sick’. In post-Fordist western capitalism we define ‘wellness’ with reference to agents’ ability to work and shop. Production and consumption. Our leisure time is reified and our work time is mythologised.

A more accurate look at this will come courtesy of the ways in which we are ‘unwell’. Depression, anxiety, other mental health conditions, eating disorders, self harm, these things are endemic in the millenial generation.



book two weeks off work

do a large grocery shop

buy a large quantity of hash

buy a large quantity of Diazepam

smoke the hash every day

do yoga every day as soon as you wake up

for the first five days take 4mg Diazepam as needed up to three times per day

eat pizza, drink tea

play videogames

watch French New Wave films

walk in the park

develop an interest in fast paced crime fiction thrillers

don’t smoke cigarettes



Dandelion blown, the pieces settle slowly and softly

I sift through the rubble and pick them up one by one

Rebuild the plant w/ Pritt Stick and good intentions

Leaving out the weak bits, aiming for a perfect fiction

then a pretty girl walked up to me and said

what kind of crazy bastard reconstructs a dandelion?

Let them rot or let them grow!”

I lit a cigarette and got on with the rest of my life