In a world where sickness, dysfunction, irrationality is so hegemonic it is blindly adhered to and celebrated, perhaps it is the freaks and the loonies who are the sane ones. The only rational reaction to this chaos is the absurd. Capitalism of concepts makes me laugh, the whole trick is so well executed. The elite have convinced us that the absurd is normal, so is it not possible that another kind of absurdity is the route to truth? It is time to reclaim absurdism as the new normality.


“all the wine is all for me”

Its the second winter since you left this world and I still have images in my head (flashing through) of yr beautiful little body hanging limp from the rafters. Its a movie I can’t escape, we all know how it ends. I’ve learned the hard way that no amount of pills or wine or powder, no amount of pacing or racing or yoga, no amount of ANYTHING will make it seem ok or bring you back so I just lean back in my chair and inhale then exhale knowing eventually the panic will pass and some warped semblance of normality will return. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe, and return to existence. Existence (without you).


we can judge a society by examining the ways in which it is ‘well’ and the ways in which it is ‘sick’. In post-Fordist western capitalism we define ‘wellness’ with reference to agents’ ability to work and shop. Production and consumption. Our leisure time is reified and our work time is mythologised.

A more accurate look at this will come courtesy of the ways in which we are ‘unwell’. Depression, anxiety, other mental health conditions, eating disorders, self harm, these things are endemic in the millenial generation.