I’m worried I live in a bubble where we are zealous about trivialities, we make tiny aggressions out of thin air and discuss them endlessly. I’m worried that we are involved only in minor disruptions to hegemony, hell maybe thats all capitalism allows us. But lets face it, when we’re on the barricades no one is gonna care that you get yr shampoo at lush or that yr vegan or what yr pronouns are. I don’t believe this behaviour is a form of status-seeking  I think it is sincere and rooted in a good place, and I’m not saying these aren’t battles worth fighting, I’m just saying… I think, that there are people floating across the Med on rafts and the President of the USA is fucking insane and China is a totalitarian nightmare and we’re truly fucked, so maybe we need to find innovative modes of resistance that can affect concrete change rather than symbolic disruptions. Is this post making me sound like a dick? I hope not. I definitely don’t want to belittle things that are important to some people (myself included), I just feel like there is massive shit going on and I don’t know how to attack it. The proletariat no longer exists, or if it does it exists in a radically different form, its hard to know how to organise. I feel powerless because I am.



Darkness, applaud the scum, I can hear the populism on AM radio, its frightening

journeyman chef with a coke habit and neck tattoos, carried from the bar under duress

tied up and whipped, language is bondage, I can get to my window and smoke until safety

the art of the deal

sex is something i’ve never been entirely comfortable with and capitalism is the same, but we participate because no one ever gave us a choice. It wasn’t the best sex ever but at least I got the impression she didn’t hate me. Money is always made by someone, stolen from someone else, “earned”.

crazy world

five lizards on the ceiling

a monster in the white house

the world burns like crazy

and we sift through the rubble


when yr only company is five ceiling dwelling geckos and two starved cats

and a crazy old thai man who doesn’t speak english it makes you miss yr friends